List of Standardized Tests That Elementary Students Take

Every single school has plenty of testing. From simple quizzes to the end of the year testing even kids in elementary school are going to face lots of tests so it is best to know what the test is so that you can prepare. So I went and found every standardized test that students across the United State will likely take, along with a few other popular tests as well.

Each state has different requirements that the students must meet, so nearly every state has its version of a standardized test, although a few states share the same test. There are also 5 other major tests that school like to give to test yearly progress and performance.

Below I will talk briefly about what each of the tests is like and give a list of the standardized test each state takes so that you can research and prepare for your next test.

Common Core Standard Testing

This is the most basic version of any yearly test. Each state has its version of the Common Core Standard Test, and typically this is the test that schools give at the end of the year. While the test has remained similar for many years, recently, there has begun to be a big push for this test to also focus on foreign language, economics, arts, and physical education rather than just mathematics and reading.

These tests are some of the most important tests because the results are usually used to act as a teacher evaluation, educational policy, and will even influence the amount of funding that the school will receive. So because of this, schools take the Common Core Testing very seriously. (source)

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a series of tests made by McGraw-Hill, a large publishing company known for making most school textbooks. These tests are used to test reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, vocabulary, spelling, and several other topics. This test is very common in California, and also acts as the common Core test in Alaska.

Stanford Achievements Test

The Stanford Achievement Test, also called the SAT 10, is another standardized test that was created by a major education book publishing company. This test was created by Pearson, a British publishing company, and it tests students in reading comprehension, mathematics, problem-solving, language, spelling, listening comprehension, science, and social science.

However, due to the No Child Left Behind act, most states began to create their version of the Common Core Test so the Stanford Achievement Test is becoming less and less common. This test is also known to be one of the more difficult tests that elementary students will have to take. (source)

California Achievement Test

This test is most common in Christian schools and also for homeschoolers as it contains more traditional values and also takes a short to administer to students. This is because there are not as many tests included in the CAT, and it is also considered to be one of the easier tests to take. Another reason that this test is popular with homeschoolers is that the administrator doesn’t need a degree to administrate it.

The test is also very easy to get ahold of in order to practice or to even give it to a student. Typically it can be found for around $25 on a variety of websites.

Iowa Standardized Testing

The Iowa Standardized Test has become one of the best and highest-ranked tests throughout the United States over the past few years. It is considered to be one of the best tests because it finds a good medium between the difficulty of the Stanford Achievement Test and the ease of the California Achievement Test.

The Iowa Standardized Testing will often begin being given in schools around the 2nd grade and will continue to be given through high school. Typically the Test will be administered in about 2 hours and 30 minutes, however, for higher grades, it can take up to an hour. As with most other standardized tests, the IST focuses on reading, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Individual State Tests

The individual tests that each state gives typically are the ones given at the end of the year, however, each school can have different tests. Also, schools can give more than one of the tests throughout the year so it is smart to be doing light studies on these tests throughout the school year and summer.

StateTypical Standardized Test
AlabamaAlabama Reading and Mathematics Test
AlaskaTerra Nova
ArizonaArizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards
ArkansasArkansas’ Augmented Benchmark Exam
CaliforniaStandardized Testing and Reporting
ColoradoColorado Student Assessment Program
Connecticut Connecticut Mastery Test, Connecticut Academic Performance Test
DelewareDelaware Student Testing Program
FloridaFlorida Comprehensive Program
GeorgiaCriterion-Referenced Competency Tests
HawaiiHawaii State Assessment
IdahoIdaho State Achievement Tests
IllinoisIllinois Standards Achievement Test
IndianaIndiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress
IowaIowa Test of Basic Skills, Iowa Tests of Educational Development
KansasKansas State Assessment
KentuckyKentucky Core Content Tests
Louisiana LEAP Alternative Assessment
Maine New England Common Assessment Program, Maine Educational Assessment Maine High School Assessment
MarylandMaryland School Assessment
MassachusettsMassachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
MichiganMichigan Educational Assessment Program
MinnesotaMinnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series II
MississippiMississippi Curriculum Test  Subject Area Testing Program
MissouriMissouri Assessment Program
MontanaMontana Comprehensive Assessment System
NebraksaNebraska State Accountability Assessments
NevadaNevada Proficiency Examination Program
New Hampshire New England Common Assessment Program
New JerseyPartnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
New MexicoNew Mexico Statewide Articulated Assessment Program
New YorkNew York State Testing Program
North CaronlinaNorth Carolina Standardized Test
North DakotaNorth Dakota’s State Assessment
OhioOhio Achievement Test
OklahomaOklahoma Core Curriculum Tests
OregonOregon Statewide Assessment System
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania System of School Assessment
Rhode IslandNew England Common Assessment Program
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Statewide Assessment Program
South DakotaDakota State Test of Educational Progress
TennesseeTennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program
TexasState of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness
UtahUtah Performance Assessment System for Students
VermontNew England Common Assessment Program
VirginiaVirginia Standards of Learning
WashingtonWashington Comprehensive Assessment Program
West VirginiaWest Virginia Educational Standards Test
WisconsinWisconsin Knowledge and Concept Evaluation
WyomingProficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students
List was compiled by looking at Departments of Education from the states