List of Rules for Being a Christian Teen

Living life as a believer in Jesus Christ is not for the faint of heart. The same thing can be said for living those wonderful, horrible teenage years. To make life somewhat easier for those who currently fall under both categories, here is a list of rules that you can follow to make your experience that much easier.

Set an Example

Setting an example of the values that Christians hold close to their hearts will represent the religion and the belief in a good light. Failing to do that will show that there is less dedication to the rules and guidelines that the Christian youth should follow. Their scriptures and documents guide them with sayings that urge them to be an example of the believers in everything they do. When someone sees these examples, they’ll be more disposed to like a teenager who can represent those values.

With a gentle reminder to all followers of Christ that they are to stand out as Christ’s disciples in all that they do and not just by word alone. The world we live in is full of evil and corruption and what happens at the high schools that the teenagers of today attend can hold evidence of these things with the violence and the separation of good values from what is considered cool to the other teenagers of the school.

This can all seem extremely scary and hard to face alone, however, there is still good in this world that can be found in the youth of today. As the Christian youth perform good works with humility before the eyes of their peers, they will surely leave their own influence on them and make the world around them better as a result.

Make Good Friends

Making decisions that will please God and benefit everyone in multiple ways, in the long run, will be easier to make when a teen of today has friends that do the same thing and will encourage their peers to do the same.

Teenagers can be very easy to influence, which means that they need only the purest of influences to be with them if they are to live a healthy and righteous life. Predictably, no teenager is perfect and that isn’t something that anyone can expect of them, but that does not mean that Christians cannot make friends that will help them make those good decisions and encourage them to seek advice through heavenly sources as well as the research of the secular world.

It is commonly advised that they seek to make friends who accept them for who they are and respect their beliefs. Having friends like these will give them a sense of belonging and a stronger devotion to the Christian faith as well as a support group that will be there for them and understands them more than any other. They are also prompted to make friends with those not of their faith to help uplift those around them with their positive influence and genuine, Christ-like care.

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

All Christians believe that there is one day of the week that is set apart from the rest. This day is a different day of the week for each denomination, but the same guidelines usually apply. On the sabbath day, Christians are asked to attend a service of worship wherever their congregation normally meets whether it be at a chapel or a synagogue, or another religious meeting house. Even after the service is held, Christians are asked to keep a spiritual mindset and engage in wholesome activities and services throughout the rest of the day.

This might include refraining from making purchases, not traveling, keeping to spiritual media, and perhaps even visiting family since they prefer not to work at their workplace on this day. They refer to it as a day of rest in which they worship God and focus solely on Him with all their actions and active thoughts.

Consume Uplifting Media

The music they listen to and the movies and television they watch can have a powerful influence on their character. This is why Christian teenagers need to seek out media that uplifts and contains the best that the world of entertainment has to offer.

Although there are not always the most reliable ways to determine if a piece of media is suitable for a teenage audience, a simple tip is to check the age ratings of the music they listen to, the video games they play, and the movies and television series they watch.

Additionally, a parent can usually preview or look up reviews of certain pieces of media to see if there is any content that a teenager should not be exposed to if they’re to keep a clean and open mind.

No Drugs or Alcohol

Most, if not all schools nowadays make sure to warn their students of the dangers of drugs and the consumption of alcohol while under the legal drinking age. The sad truth, however, is that not all teenagers today heed these warnings and end up partaking in these harmful substances anyways. Anyone can get their hands on these things if they know where to look.

To avoid being pulled in by the addictive influence of these substances, be sure to refrain from attending any social gatherings where they are sure to be present. Partaking in these things at such a young age — or at any age, really — will do immense damage to a teenager’s physical and mental health and will most likely drive them to commit more hazardous actions due to the resulting impairment of judgment.

No Sexual Relationships Prior to Marriage

Believers in Christ strongly advocate the ten commandments given by God to Moses and the children of Israel. One of these commandments is about not committing adultery. This means that any sexual relationships that take place outside the bonds of matrimony are forbidden. The rest of the world would have a teenager believing that couples having these sorts of relations is normal for people to do. Christians believe that the Creator of the mind and body says otherwise.

Although there are other rules that Christians follow specific to their denomination, these are the things that teens can do to make their lives easier and more aligned with the will of their God. Also, be aware that nobody should be forced to follow these rules. For the most part, these rules are there to keep these teens and their friends and families safe from the dangers and evils of the world such as the world is at this time.