Is College Still Worth It If You Only Get Part of a Degree?

Once a person graduates high school, college is almost immediately what they think of as the next step. However, a lot of people have begun to question whether or not college is a necessary step to take in life, to the point where a lot of people do not finish their degrees. So the question is, is college still worth it if you only get part of a degree?

College can be worth it, even if only part of a degree is earned. If a student values education and is willing to put in the work, even if only for a partial degree, then the benefits of that education will be great. The only thing to carefully think about is the potential financial drawbacks.

The words “financial drawbacks” can sound intimidating and scary, but if you are aware of what you are getting into, you won’t be caught off guard. So, can there really be benefits to only earning half of a degree, so to speak? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Partial Degrees: the Benefits

So, are there any real benefits from only going to college for a year or two, or is that just a huge waste of your time, effort, and money? Most people would say yes, it’s a waste, but there might be a few good things that could come from it. Here are some you ought to consider before you dismiss college entirely.

First, education is still education. College is an ideal setting for lovers of learning because it is entirely self-directed and completely independent. You can choose what you want to learn and largely how you want to learn it. You can learn a lot during just one semester, so don’t take that time for granted. A lot of people would consider that time to be completely worth it.

Going to college, even if only for a time, always looks good on a resume. Your range of job opportunities might become a little larger if you are a college graduate, but going to college still gives you experience and know-how. Plus, there are plenty of other skills you likely have that will stand out to people. This means when you hand your resume to a potential employer, your chances of being hired are slightly higher.

The college scene is a fun one and it is an ideal place for people to branch out and make friends. There are people of all ages who attend college, but the college population is largely made up of young people.

It’s a fantastic social scene and can work wonders for a person’s social life. If nothing else, you’ll be able to spread your wings and bond with all kinds of people that have similar interests to you or are completely different than those you have talked to in the past.

Partial Degrees: the Drawbacks

Unfortunately, there are a few things that could certainly be considered drawbacks to only earning part of your degree. Let’s start with the most obvious one: the workforce. While some college time can certainly speak to your experience, a huge portion of employers tend to overlook that.

Though it somewhat depends on the industry you want to enter, it can be incredibly difficult to get a job without a degree. One or two years of college is great, but if you haven’t earned a degree, people tend to doubt that you will be a worthwhile employee. This is why finishing up your degree is so important, especially now. Success does not always need to be measured by college degrees, but it is certainly a big determining factor nowadays.

The biggest turnoff for people is generally all the financial drawbacks. You’d be spending more money if you finished college anyway, but a lot of people think, “why should I spend money on college if I’m not going to finish?”

There are a few universities that only cost a few thousand dollars every semester, but most colleges out there have tuition fees that can be as high as $40,000 or higher. That’s a lot of money to spend, and it certainly shouldn’t be done so lightly.

Studies have shown that those who begin college but do not finish are less likely to own a home than college graduates and are more likely to default on their student loans. Now, this is a statistic and it’s not true for everyone.

Success has many names and can be found in many different circumstances. However, if you have the means, it is probably a good idea for you to finish your degree, especially if stability is your goal.

Is College Even Necessary?

So, it looks like there are a couple of drawbacks to not finishing college. This may lead to the question of whether college is even worth it in the first place. What it comes down to is what you want for yourself later in life. If you wish to be a “successful” person with a steady job and solid career, that probably means you need to go to college and finish your degree.

However, there are ways to be successful without going to college. Nowadays, just about anything is possible and entrepreneurs are steadily growing in number. You can make money by starting your own business (with or without a degree) or make an income by having a successful YouTube channel.

There are many ways to earn money and earn the title of a successful individual. After all, there have been many famous and successful people who weren’t college graduates. Just don’t completely discount the college experience.

Whether you finish your degree or not, going to college is a huge moment in your life and it can be extremely life-changing. You go to college to learn more than just what takes place in a classroom. Many life lessons can be gained by going, if only for a short time. Sure, it can get expensive, but a little time there is better than no time at all. Consider giving college the old college try before you decide to go in a different direction.