Average Cost of Private School in St. George, Utah

Picking what school your children attend can be tricky. One thing is for sure, private schools always seem to have everything parents are looking for. While there is tuition required, the education a private school can provide exceeds expectations and is worth every penny.

The average cost of private schools in St. George, Utah is $8,767 per year/per child, plus an average registration fee of $236. Tuition must be paid annually or on a monthly basis. Tuition and fees may vary between schools based on resources and curriculum. There may be scholarships available.

Finding a school that fits is hard enough, but then finding affordable pricing makes things feel impossible. However, not every private school needs to cost a fortune. Prices can be hard to anticipate so let’s break it down:

Trekker Entrepreneur School

Trekker Entrepreneur School was created by Jim and Emily Harmer (Source). After having their own experiences sending their children to a private school, they know the immediate and life-changing effect that quality education can have on the development of children.

The Harmers have years of background in education and growing businesses. They have developed and refined a curriculum that will ensure every student’s success and keep them actively engaged in learning.

The Trekker curriculum follows a very hands-on approach that allows children to learn at their own pace. Students can learn any skills they want in a stress-free environment. In the brand new, state-of-the-art facilities, children will be surrounded by endless resources to keep them actively using their minds all day.

Picking a private school for your children to go to may be difficult, but it could be easy if you choose somewhere as great as here. This school seems like a great option for your kids, and I am sure they’d love to have you and your family! Give the school a look!

Address: 1988 East Riverside Drive St George, Utah 84790

Tuition is $8,940 per year for students in Kindergarten-12th grade (Source). This can be paid upfront or broken down into monthly payments of $745.

Tuition is paid at the beginning of every month and is collected via auto-pay to eliminate hassle.

There is a $75 additional fee upon registration. However, there are no extra costs for uniforms or supplies required.

Westside Christian School

Westside Christian School was started in 1996 as an effort to create a higher quality Christian Baptist education for children. Westside Christian School has established a safe learning environment where children can learn from a bible-based curriculum. God is at the root of the education and children are reminded of his love for them each day at school.

Staff members and educators are faithful and prepared as they instruct children in daily lessons and studies. With more than just an education curriculum, there are after-school groups that meet to help kids with homework and to help them play after a long day of learning.

Address: 2299 W 2000 N, St. George, UT 84770

Base RateTAP Tier 1 Rate 10%TAP Tier 2 Rate 15%TAP Tier 3 Rate 20%WBC Member
One Child3,6003,2403,0602,8802,700
Two Children6,3005,6705,3555,0404,500
Three Children8,1007,2906,8856,4806,030
Four or More10,8009,7209,1808,6407,560
Annual Tuition plus Book Fees

Tuition can be paid upfront yearly, or paid monthly on a 9 or 12-month increment plan.

In addition to paying a monthly or yearly tuition, there is also a $50 registration fee and an additional $15 late fee if tuition is late.

Because of the cost of tuition, there are also scholarship opportunities for those that meet specific requirements.

K5 $125
Grades 1-6$150
Grades 7-12$175
Late reg.$50
Annual Book Fees per grade

Beyond tuition payments, there are also book fees for students that vary per grade as well as school lunch payments.

Trinity Lutheran Church and Academy

Trinity Lutheran Church has developed into a place where children can learn critical developmental skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, responsibility, integrity, etc. in an environment guided by the holy spirit.

Because of the Christian influence, students will learn in a spirit-filled atmosphere. Trinity Lutheran has a rigorous age-based teaching system that helps students get more hands-on and individualized learning to enable them to learn.

Trinity has a specific project-based teaching method that gives students the opportunity to learn collaborative and small-group communication skills in a variety of settings and environments.

Address: 2260 Red Cliffs Dr, St. George, UT 84790

Tuition at Trinity Lutheran is $5,500 per year per student Kindergarten-7th. There are options for upfront payments of $5,500 or monthly installments of $550.

In addition to tuition, there is a $320 enrollment fee.

For children just too young for kindergarten, there is a Pre-K program in place. The Pre-K tuition is $390 per month for half-day students and $550 per month for full-day students.

Acton Academy & Montessori

Acton Academy was started by Ian and Stephanie Lindsey and is part of a nationwide Acton franchise.

Acton is currently being operated in the owners’ house with many students in attendance.

Address: 163 N 300 W. St. George, UT

Acton Academy is created as a year-round private school. Each academic session goes for 5-7 weeks and allows for a 6-7 week break during the summer.

Tuition for full-day (3-14 years old) is $9,480 per year.

Tuition for half-day (3 and 4 years old) in the Montessori studios is $4,740 per year.

Payments of tuition can be made upfront for a 5% discount or in monthly installment plans from 10, 11, and 12-month increments.

Upon enrolling there is a $500 enrollment fee for a first-time student. This is followed by a $300 continuation fee each year after the first.