Average Cost of Private School in Phoenix, AZ

Private schools can be very expensive, and it is important that parents know what they are getting into when enrolling their kids in private schools. How much does private school cost in Phoenix, Arizona?

The average cost of private schools in Phoenix, AZ is $11,794 per year. The cost of tuition for private schools ranges from $1,100 to $29,000. There are 96 private schools in Phoenix with 19,916 students total; over half of private schools in Phoenix are affiliated with a religion.

There are some important things to know about private schools in Phoenix, AZ, such as the actual costs, the types of private schools, which ones are the best rated, and how to get financial aid.

Costs of Private Schools in Phoenix

Private schools are usually very expensive, but there is a wide range of costs depending on the private school. Some private schools are cheap, while others are very expensive.


Tuition is the most common and most stable cost of private school. Every private school will have a tuition cost that will be the same for all students.

Private schools in Phoenix cost an average of $11,794 in tuition each year. The average cost of private schools in Arizona is $10,255 per year. The average tuition of private schools in the United States is $12,350 per year.

The cheapest private school in Phoenix is Ahwatukee Foothills Montessori. It is a Montessori school that costs $1,125 in tuition each year. It is not only the cheapest private school in Phoenix but the cheapest one in Arizona. This private school is for preschool and kindergarten students.

The most expensive private school in Phoenix is the Gateway Academy. It costs $29,000 per year. Gateway Academy is a middle school and high school for students with high functioning autism.

The most expensive private school in Arizona is Sedona Sky Academy. It is an all-girl therapeutic boarding school. It costs $83,000 in tuition each year.

Other Costs

The other costs of boarding school vary widely depending not just on the school, but on the student as well. Besides tuition costs, there are also costs of supplies, payments for field trips and school activities, and extracurricular fees.

Depending on how far a student lives from the school, their transportation costs may vary, whether the parents are paying for school-provided transportation or gas for the car. The cost of private school may end up being significantly higher than the tuition cost.

Financial Aid

Private schools cost a lot of money, and few families can afford to pay all the tuition and other costs as well as pay for all the other expenses in their lives. This is where financial aid comes in.

Most private schools give students the ability to apply for financial aid if they can’t afford the tuition. Students who qualify for financial aid will have some or all of their tuition paid off by the school, government, or another source.

The most common type of financial aid is a grant. These are usually offered by the school. Students who need financial aid can apply each year and have their tuition paid for by the school’s budget. This type of financial aid does not need to be paid back.

Merit scholarships from the school or outside organizations are rare, but they are out there. Students with certain skills or talents can receive financial aid for those. Scholarships from outside organizations have their own qualifications, application, amounts, and deadline, and they can vary greatly.

Students can also get loans or payment plans for tuition. This means you are still paying all the money, but it doesn’t need to be paid right away. Just make sure that you do pay it back as quickly as you can, or it can cause you a lot of problems.

Types of Private Schools in Phoenix

Most of the private schools in Phoenix are for elementary-aged children rather than middle school or high school students. Many schools are for K-8 graders or 8-12 graders. There are also some schools for preschool and kindergarten-aged students. Some schools are even for students of all ages.

There are a few different types of private schools. They have different organizations that run them, different goals, and different types of students. There are religious private schools, such as Catholic schools. There are private schools with a specific teaching method, such as Montessori schools or Waldorf schools. There are also language immersion private schools and special education private schools.

Most of the private schools in Phoenix are religious private schools. 57% of private schools are religiously affiliated. Most of these are Catholic schools or schools affiliated with another Christian religion, though there are also Islamic and Jewish private schools.

The next most common type of private school in Phoenix is special education private schools. These are schools that are specifically meant for students with a mental disorder. Many of these schools are for students with autism or ADHD.

There are a few highly rated Montessori and Waldorf schools in Arizona to mention though. Montessori and Waldorf are two distinct teaching styles that dominate the entire education of the students who attend schools that utilize them. Phoenix has a few highly rated Montessori and Waldorf private schools.

Every type of private school is going to have different teaching methods and will teach different things. Make sure to look into the type of school that you believe your child needs and what kind of lessons they will teach. Religious schools are going to have a lot of religious focus while special education schools are going to be geared toward teaching students properly based on their mental disorders.