Average Cost of Private School in Colorado

While private schools can be expensive, they are largely favored for their safe learning environments, increased parent involvement, and emphasis on personal accountability and ethics. These benefits can be achieved at a variety of private schools in the State of Colorado at cost-efficient prices.

Private schools in Colorado charge an average of $12,536 per year. Private elementary schools in the state average $11,145 in tuition, while private high schools have an average tuition cost of $15,748 per year. The lowest private school tuition in Colorado is $1,011 and the highest reaches $58,600.

These prices reflect the school’s reputation, demand, and rating. Tuition costs generally increase with the child’s age, but there are often more private school options for older students to attend.

Private Colorado High Schools

Private Colorado High Schools charge an average of $15,748 a year. The private high school with the lowest tuition rate in the state is Crossroads School. They teach students grades 6-12 and charge only $1,500 a year. Colorado Rocky Mountain School enrolls students in grades 9-12 and charges the highest yearly tuition in the state at $58,600.

According to ratings on niche.com, stacker.com, and denverrelocatingguide.com, some of the best private high schools in the state of Colorado are Kent Denver School, Colorado Academy, Denver Academy, St. Mary’s Academy, and the Colorado Springs School. These rankings are based on factors such as the most AP courses offered, test scores, parent and student ratings, acceptance rates, and student performances.

Private Colorado Elementary Schools

State-wide, tuition costs for private elementary schools average $11,145. This includes all schools that teach any children within the grades of K-6, but not necessarily every grade. Crossroads School only charges $1,500 for tuition, but the lowest school grade offered is the sixth grade.

Calvary Christian School and Colorado Biblical University Academy, however, both teach children from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and each charge $2,500 in tuition. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the most expensive private elementary schools include Temple Grandin School, which teaches grades K-12 for $38,000 per year, or Denver Academy, which teaches grades 1st-12th and charges $32,270 per year in tuition costs.

Colorado Academy, The Colorado Springs School, St Mary’s Academy, Dawson School, and Vail Mountain School were the highest-ranking private elementary schools in the State of Colorado for 2022.

This ranking was based on data from the U.S. Department of Education, test scores, college data, student/parent reviews, and more. Schools with the lowest rankings included Westgate Kinder Care, West Woods Kinder Care, and Valley Christian Academy- Restoration Campus all ranked based on the same criteria and system.

Private Colorado Preschools

Private preschools and daycares in Colorado have an average tuition rate of $8,703 a year. The lowest tuition rate is from Willows Child Learning Centers at $1,011. When considering schools with larger student bodies and the age range of students, the tuition rate increases considerably.

The Colorado Academy, which teaches students from Prekindergarten-12, has the highest tuition rate in Colorado for this age group at $32,020 per year.

Many available private preschools in Colorado received high rankings and praise. Front Range Christian SchoolRocky Mountain Montessori Academy, and Boulder Country Day were all top-ranked options for parents interested in private schooling for their preschoolers.

West Child Development Center, Vickers KinderCare, Valley Christian Academy, and USAFA Child Development Center received the lowest rankings of private preschool and daycare options in Colorado. These rankings are based on a system measured by niche.com and are used widely by parents and educators when researching private schools throughout the nation.

Private School Tuition Costs in Other States

Tuition prices in schools and states around the government vary largely. Connecticut, for example, has the highest average private school tuition rate at a whopping $28,267 in yearly cost. South Dakota has the lowest average private school tuition cost with only $3,739. These two states, however, are the largest outliers, and the United States as a whole leaves private school tuition rates at an average of $12,007 per year for private schools of all grade levels.

The State of Colorado is ranked fourteenth among the most to least expensive private school tuitions in the nation, landing between Maryland and Pennsylvania, which have average tuition rates of $13,526 and $12,023 respectively.

In comparison, Colorado’s average private school charges $12,536 a year per student. This average is taken from private elementary and high school options to include children of all ages and grade levels.